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Content Distribution.

Theatrical Release.

We can make your content available across theatres by making your title distinctive enough to grace theatre halls in target locations with a complete theatrical release for your content. You are able to have a profile in a market place that makes an impression on everyone. Through successful theatrical release you can expect a financially fulfilling Pay TV, VOD distribution. Our job is to ensure that your work is showcased in theatres across Africa and the world.

Digital Content Monetization.

Supported Video On Demand (through the traditional model or modern model. We will pitch your movie content through any of the above digital distribution channels thus monetizing it through various channels.

Cable/ Pay Television.

We pitch and distribute media content to pay television platform via DTH (Direct To Home), DTTV (Direct To Terrestrial Television), IDTV (Internet Direct Television) IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), Pay Per View, Inflight, Optical distribution.

Film Content Production.

Pinkdoor Media runs a film production platform, where we produce original full feature length, short films, documentaries, series and films. We are engaged in the development, pre-production, production, post production and distribution of media content.

Content Aggregation.

We acquire license to distribute media content from content owner and make available the content to the public via subscription based services, Video on Demand or Terrestrial Television etc.

In-Flight Entertainment Distribution

We reach out to airlines with our clients work for distribution as inflight entertainment. This is a Win-win for the content owner and the Airline simultaneously.


DVD –Home entertainment Distribution.

DVDs are available everywhere, we distribute media content via DVD to film lovers

Why Hire Us?

We present avenues, options available for the successful distribution of all content to the client, and secure their buy-in before we move ahead.

We care about the satisfaction of content owners and do everything to create through our services a warm experience and repeat business.

We follow through on exploring all available distribution channels to ensure that our clients are satisfied and remain in business.

Expected income from the distribution of content is agreed upon by all the parties involved.

Payments, revenue accruable to a client/content owner is promptly communicated and made available to them.

Changes in price is effectively communicated.

Terms and conditions are clear.